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Gleaming in a striking yellow and featuring a sky blue steering wheel and wheel rims, the BIG NEW KiKANiNCHEN BOBBY CAR attracts the attention of fans aged 12 months and over. It comes with four different sticker sheets so the child can choose the look for their own little vehicle.

Like all BIG BOBBY CARS, the yellow ride-on vehicle has an ergonomically shaped body, easy-grip steering wheel with
mechanical horn, four wide whisper wheels and a knee hollow for larger children. Small treasures can be hidden in the secret compartment. It can also be swapped for one of BIG's great accessory modules. And there are trailer couplings at the front and rear for quick and easy attachment of trailers or the BIG PUSH POLE.

recommended age: 1 year and up
dimensions: 57 x 30 x 39 cm
load-bearing capacity: 50 kg

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